Daisy – Hey

Cảm ơn mày! 

Vì tao không giỏi viết. Mà có lẽ, chẳng cần nói…

The love I’ve been dreaming of…is all so close to me

But all I can do is just watching you without words.

In city of strangers I lived day by day paiting love.

Waiting and hoping that you’ll be here with the scent of daisies.

It is too late but now I finally recognize you.

But maybe we were not meant to be.

I never wanted let this love fly away.

But I sam sorry I have to leave with you still breathing here

Hey, my Daisy guy! I know you have been standing by me. We are meant to be, so I’m here waiting for your flowers ❤

Đêm nay, giữa thành phố không xa lạ.


2 thoughts on “Daisy – Hey

  1. Hà Móm says:

    Tat nhien la no hoi lang man va thieu thuc te. Nhung that kho de ngan 1 co gai co uoc mo ve 1 chang trai yeu thuong va quan tam minh nhu the. No am anh t may hom lien day :)).

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